Re: Extension of cut-off to answer questions

From: "Geoff Slater" <>

Date: Thu, March 26, 2020 5:38 pm

To: "Dominic shakespeare" <>

Hi Dom,

At the moment I am away from my computer so, since I am using my phone, my answers will be brief.

See my notes below:

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> Dear Geoff and Maria,


> Firstly please accept my apologies for a little over the deadline to reply.


> I totally understand the situation we are in, although I still have some questions I  need answered at the moment, and later no doubt a few more.


> 1, I’ve been advised that  I’m still entitled to “ Full pay” as no clause in my contract states for being “Laid off “ - “No work” I shall not be entitled to this.?

The situation is far from clear Dom - no doubt the government will elaborate at some point, hopefully soon.


> 2, Langcourt chose not to re-open the factory, even when the government hadn’t made it  mandatory/ compulsory  at that time to close.

> Am I correct yes/no ?

No, we only made the decision to close when the government published a statement telling us that we had to. Unfortunately, the next day they made contradictory statements and even now they have not truly clarified the position. In any event, we could not ensure that our staff could stay 2m apart, so we had no option.


> 3, If I don’t accept “ furlough working or to become a furloughed worker “  will you make me redundant?

> Yes/no ?

Nobody is redundant because we have work for everybody to do. The government is preventing us from doing it, so right now the answer is no.



> 4,  Am I receiving my usual pay this Friday.?

> Yes/no?

I honestly don’t know, but I think that’s unlikely.


> 5, If no to question 4,  please clarify the reason.

We hope that everybody will agree to the furlough. It is far from clear what we will need to do for anybody that doesn’t agree. The vast majority have already agreed to accept 80% of pay, and I honestly don’t see how it could be fair for others to be paid more, do you?


> I Hope you can get an idea of my concerns these are but a few I do have others .

Ask away and I’ll do my best to answer them Dom.

Stay safe,