Langcourt Ltd. was established in the South West of England in 1984 to offer a repair service for chrome, nikasil™, and electrofusion™ coated engine cylinder bores. Most of the cylinders that we saw in those early days were from road racing bikes, dirt bikes and karts.

We have worked on cylinders ranging from radio controlled model airplanes and UAV’s to offshore racing boats and Formula 1 cars, and we have the knowledge and expertise to solve your cylinder problem. Several of our earliest employees are still with us, now with a wealth of experience that enhances our ability to answer almost any customer query and ensuring the very best in quality and customer service. 

In 1994 we opened a purpose built facility in Auburn, Alabama to service the American market, and in 1999 we were proud to be able to announce a joint venture in Vancouver, British Columbia, to expand our services still further. An additional production facility was opened in late 2007 in New Zealand and is proving to be a great success, serving customers in Australia and South East Asia as well as New Zealand itself. Our processes are also used in Argentina and Brazil.

Since April 2014, our production operations in the USA have been undertaken by an independent licensee.

In 2015, to improve the service that our customers in Eastern Canada could receive, another facility was opened in Victoriaville, Quebec.

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