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The information here is updated frequently, but please note that it only represents TYPICAL turnaround times, and the time to process a particular order may be different. If turnaround time of your specific cylinder is very important to you, please call us at 334 887 9633 for the current position, and ideally check back again to check status on the day that your order is expected to arrive with us. (see note below)

We are currently EXTREMELY BUSY and our typical turnaround time may be


Our target is to give our customers a consistent 5 working day or better turnaround but schedules may change depending on workload or the complexity of the work. Also, delays may result from non-availability of pistons etc (if we have been asked to supply them) and sometimes if we need to contact our customer to clarify their requirements (that problem can usually be overcome by using our work order form - you can download it here).

Please understand that the delivery schedule can change (either better or worse) from the day that you make your initial inquiry to the day that the cylinder/s actually arrive here.

For example, assume a customer calls on Monday, from Arizona and we tell him that, at that time, our turnaround time is 4-5 business days. He packs the cylinder and sends it out by UPS Ground the next day (Tuesday) and it arrives here 4 business days later, which is Monday of the next week.

At that time, maybe our reported turnaround time is 6-7 business days because of a sudden rush of business volume, or 3-4 business days because we were able to ramp up production a little. If turnaround time is important to you, please call us at 334 887 9633 to check status on the day that you expect the order to arrive with us.

business days.

Many cylinders are turned around much faster than that, and a few can take longer. We are taking steps to reduce the turnaround time as soon as possible, but being busy is a consequence of being very good at what we do. We apologize in advance for any difficulties that may be caused by the extended processing times.


Phone 334 887 9633                Fax 334 887 9474                E-mail performanceinc@langcourt.com

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